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16 December 2005

Where to Send Letters to Santa [and/or God]

In case you or your children were wondering where to send letters to Santa and/or God, here's the scoop courtesy of BoingBoing. It turns out there is a program in the USPS called Operation Santa Claus that started in 1912:

Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized local postmasters to allow individuals and institutions to use letters addressed to Santa Claus for philanthropic purposes — and use them they did.

- Happy Holidays [whichever one or ones you celebrate] from Captain Snarky.

01 December 2005

Laugh Out Loud About War? Yes. Might as well...

There really isn't anything to laugh about when thinking about the past four years of war and terror. Yet somehow the folks at have brought out the absurdity [and dark hilarity] of events since 9/11. Check it out - NSFW and lots of f-bombs and other obscenities.

Update: If you like the toons on the site, you can also buy paperback collections of Get Your War On I and II here and here respectively.