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19 September 2007

Yarrr! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day Once More, Mates!

Scroll down and refresh yerselves with last year's post. Otherwise, it be a gran' occasion t'ave a laugh at the expense of these bilge rats.

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Punk Rock Lives

Or is it more a case of punk reaching out from the crypt to rattle some cages? The irony in all this is at least as remarkable as the screw-up factor at the Solo Mobile marketing department and their agency.

Update: to be clear that this post is not glossing over the horror of the holocaust here's a sobering, if not full-on creepy, view of life of the SS officers and other personnel at Auschwitz. These pictures were sent to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum last December and have recently attracted press attention.

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From the 'It's About Effing Time' Department

The New York Times announced recently that it was going to drop it's paid content area, TimesSelect. That took effect last night at midnight. All I can say is it's about freaking time! I've been avoiding the site for 11 years because of this kind of crap.

I remember various hacks that people used over the years to link to articles that were (weakly) protected from viewing without registration. Their whole approach to online publishing has been so contrary to the spirit and logic of teh Interweb for so long, this is a kind of relief. In the meantime, however, many have found plenty of other excellent sources for news and opinion.

Rumor has it that The Wall Street Journal is considering a similar move away from their pay-for-content service.

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