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19 September 2006

From the 'Arrr' Department

What better idear fer a holiday there be? It be the new fav'rite of the captain, aye it be so, maties. What's that? Ya dunno what in the blazes I be referrin' to? Ya must be livin' under a reef, lads an' lasses. Why of course it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day and it's more entertainin' than gettin' loaded to the gunwales! Yarrr...

Set yer sails, gentlemen [and ladies] of fortune - and let's set a course fer all things relatin' to the sweet trade...

Where the madness be started
Video Instruction - Talk Like a Pirate [a must see, ya salty sea dogs]
How to Talk Like a Pirate - Terms
I'm a Pirate - Sea Shanty [it be on YouTube]
Pyrats - the Movie [avast, yar be needin' QuickTime]
A Cannon Game [blast the maddenin' tunes, tho]
Outfit yerselves wit a fine pirate dwellin'
By the powers! Pirate Radio
David Byrne be singing about Pirates

All together now, ARRR!

Update: Linus "Cap'n" Torvalds be sailin' the pirate seas as well.

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