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05 May 2006

From the 'Evil & Stupidity Without Limits' Department

Aye, it's olde news but the Captain still has a bone to pick with Bully Bill and company. Because why you ask? Well, because Microsoft makes Word evil again! Congratulations to the folks at Redmung for [literally] taking us back to 1995. Remember the bad old days when Word would cripple your shiny new Pentium 75 with a whopping 128MB of RAM - if you could afford that much memory back when it was really expensive?

Remember the long startup wait? The instability, the crashes, the lost data? Well, it's all back thanks to the recent patches/updates from MS. You may be having an especially "interesting" time if you have an HP computer as well. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe I shoulda had a G8 err... G5! Or given up long ago and switched over to StarOffice? Ah well, at least we can look for all kinds of improvements in Windows Vista! Not.

Update: it's not just poor performance anymore! It's also a gaping security hole lol. Once again, it takes me back to the good ole days of Back Orifice. Ahhh. Feels good to know MS users [me included] can be easily 0wned once again. And again, and again...