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11 November 2005

From the 'Drink More Kool-Aid' Department

Pat Robertson has been really prolific these past few years. He has said more nutty things than Don King in the last few months. Things like killing the President of Venezuela and nuking the State Department. But wait, there's more...

Here's his latest - if Dover, PA is struck with disaster they shouldn't bother praying to God for help. Speaking for the All Powerful himself, Pat claims that we've been collectively poking His eyes, and implies His feelings are hurt and that He won't help out. Wow. And how many people listen to this guy?

07 November 2005

From the 'Monumental Hypocrisy' Department

Feast your eyes on this bucket of frigging bilgewater - an Episcopal church in Pasadena, CA is being threatened with losing its tax-exempt status because of an anti-war sermon. Mind you that the rector did not endorse one party or the other - which many churches definitely did in the run up to the last presidential election. The Roman Catholic bishop in Colorado Springs [Michael Sheridan] came out very directly and advised the Catholics in Colorado that voting for Kerry would be a sin. Somehow I doubt that was an isolated incident. But if a person of the cloth dares to speak out against WAR [hello - WWJD?] then their church quickly gets the federal smackdown via the IRS. What a bunch of *$#! scuttlebut.

04 November 2005

From the 'Eye for an Eye' Department

I was just reading a piece on BoingBoing - one of my favorite blogs btw - describing how the Israelis are using sonic booms from their fighter jets as a weapon. Without a doubt this is hardball psychological warfare which must be terrifying for all exposed to it. I am particularly saddened by the effect it apparently has on children and pregnant women.

On the other hand, since the return of the Gaza Strip to Palestinian rule [link warning: need proprietary media players] there has been plenty of horrible behavior by the Palestinians in their own way. I am not saying one side is better than the other or that either side is justified in killing, just that both sides use horrific violence in their attempts to obtain their conflicting objectives.

I guess I was a dope for thinking that getting Gaza back would chill things out, at least for a little while. What is there to say at this point? To paraphrase a wise man, it sure looks like it's going to be eye for an eye until both sides are blind.