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29 August 2006

From the 'Really Old Saw' Department

This grind is so old that I will apologize up front to anyone who is about to read this. But, it can't be helped. Even though the problem of people driving like complete idiots while flapping their traps on the cell phone has been around for years, this just needs to be said. If nothing else for my own mental health lol...

If you can afford a $111,600 car - like the moron at the wheel of his Porsche Cayenne Turbo S I saw the other day weaving in and out of two lanes - then one might expect that:
  • You'd be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, automotively speaking
  • You might have the common sense to pull over and not endanger yourself, your precious six-figure vehicle, or perhaps even other people's lives
  • You might have the money [or the credit] to get one of those new-fangled $50 Bluetooth headsets to at least allow you to swerve around with both hands securely on the wheel
Alas, having a boat load of money [or really good credit at least] for a luxury vehicle does not mean that one is coordinated, considerate, safety-oriented, or even mildly intelligent. Perhaps the opposite is true.

Ach weil, hang up and drive! That means you, too, luxury car people.


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