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16 December 2005

Where to Send Letters to Santa [and/or God]

In case you or your children were wondering where to send letters to Santa and/or God, here's the scoop courtesy of BoingBoing. It turns out there is a program in the USPS called Operation Santa Claus that started in 1912:

Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized local postmasters to allow individuals and institutions to use letters addressed to Santa Claus for philanthropic purposes — and use them they did.

- Happy Holidays [whichever one or ones you celebrate] from Captain Snarky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great place to communicate with Santa is a site called Official Santa Mail. I found them when I was researching NORAD to track Santa. I guess they handle all of their emails to Santa each year. I checked out their site at and they had some pretty cool stuff ont there for kids - even some stuff you can buy to prove Santa is real for your kids too!

17 July, 2007 06:57  

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