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26 January 2006

From the 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' Department

It's been too long. If anything, the Captain's been scuppered with subjects to blog on about recently. And then there's the workaday stuff that gets in the way of doing fun things like this...

Google is a fascinating phenomena. So much has been written and said over the years. And then there's the amazing, gravity and logic defying stock price. Now that's something. Kind of like a Black Hole bending light around itself. But I digress... recently the buzz has increased a bit with the dual Google China and US subpoena hububs. And now the US congress is getting into the act lol.

It seems that Google is conveniently duplicitous when it comes to dealing with governments.

China: we need your site locked down so we can keep our boot on our people's head.
Google: sure, no problem. Give us a couple of minutes. Would you like fries with that?

USA: We need a complete record of your searches related to porn for these months.
Google: Go pound sand, Uncle Sam.
USA: Uh, okay. How about one week's worth?
Google: Talk to our attorney's hand. Did we mention we have more money than god?

Yes, I am firmly in the camp of cynics who believe this to be all about money. About 25% of all web traffic circles around pr0n. And the love of money is the root of all evil we're told. And someone at Google sure seems like they love that green stuff to do some evil when it comes down to it. Don't get me worng here - if this is about privacy, then rock on, Google. But somehow I don't buy that as the primary motivation in Mountain View.

Check out this poll over at and cast a vote - is Google being evil? Maybe not anymore than other large companies addicted to profits [including MSN and Yahoo!]. But then again those companies don't go around on their high horses saying not to do evil.

Larry and Sergey - either STFU about good and evil, or get real and be true to your words, and possibly yourselves. Not doing evil is a heavy cross to bear when you're a multi-billionaire whose company is very, very much in the public eye I imagine.


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