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04 December 2007

T-Mobile Web Services Outage?

Seems like T-Mobile has been having issues with their websites and web services like their mobile browsing and access to customer minutes used and the like. It may have been a pretty big outage as both computer and handheld/mobile access to their sites and services seem to have been down for at least 1.5 hours. The My T-Mobile site did come up a few minutes ago, but there was no data available on billing or minutes used.

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03 December 2007

Gibson Guitar Corp is Full of Crap...

Or at least their PR Department is. The recent hype that they are producing "the world's first self-tuning technology" for guitar is a false claim - TransPerformance Gibson Special Double Cutawayand I'd bet they know that damn well. As do Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Dave Beegle, Tom Keifer, Mark Slaughter, Graham Nash, Ed Roland, Masayuki Matsuyama, Pat Metheny, Rich Robinson, Mick Fleetwood, Robert Hunter, Kenny Loggins, Art Alexakis, Cameron Morgan, Oliver Leiber, David Lynch, Peter Buck, Eddie VanHalen, Peter Frampton, Sonny Landreth, Jeff Martin, Pete Townshend, Buddy Miller, Randy Saxon, Scotty Burton, Nile Rodgers, Jamey Faulkner, Randy Jackson, Matthew Curran, William Eaton, Tony Catania, Jason Bonham, Rick Springfield, Peter Cunnah - and other well known artists and producers who use TransPerformance's Self-Tuning Guitars. Their products have been on the market since the early 90's.

I can't say how the products compare, but the point is that Gibson, and by association their partners in Germany who actually came up with the self-tuning technology found in the 'Robot Guitar', are being dishonest. Which is a shame IMO. Was it really necessary to say "the first" instead of 'revolutionary' or a similar claim that would make the point that their product is cool *without* flying in the face of reality and integrity? I think this is the kind of thing that gives marketing and PR a bad name.

Pictured: the TransPerformance Gibson Special Double Cutaway. I trust the irony is not lost on anyone.

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