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28 October 2007

From the "More Cowbell!" Department

What this country needs, aside from a new Frank Sinatra, is more Chuck! Chuck Norris is the answer to all tough problems this country is facing - and the problems your country is facing, too! It actually doesn't matter what the problem is - Chuck will find the bad guy behind all of it and put his feet and fists to work like a cowbell track at 780 RPM. That'll fix it.

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09 October 2007

Music Industry Will Eat Itself

This might be The Most. Absurd. Thing. Yet. When it comes to organizations that police the world to supposedly protect recording artists. Exec summary: listening to the radio while working is considered unauthorized performance when others can hear the music, and is therefore a copyright infringement. OK everybody, turn down your speakers so no one else can hear what you're listening to - otherwise the music industry boogie men are going to come after you. WTF?!

Respect - shout out to Pop Will Eat Itself.

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