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07 October 2005

Failure of US Government [Part 219] - Environmental Crises

Unlike the avian flu issue, the government steadfastly continues to avoid having any kind of environmental awareness or even conscience. Some call it a war. The environment is there for profit first, recreation second, and what else is there? Our leaders of recent years have collectively stuck their heads in the sand when confronted with the Kyoto Protocol. They have insisted on debating Global Warming until now when the situation has become desperate and virtually irrefutable. It's probably too late to do much about it. Rather than having a practical, comprehensive Energy Plan we have a lame joke. And while the laugh track is running, the government is fostering a rebirth of the wild, wild west with a mining free-for-all that is literally ruining people's lives and their livelihoods. And let's not forget, ruining beautiful places, too. What won't these Fockers do for a quick buck?


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